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How to join a Telegram group

  • Find the right Telegram group on our site
  • Click on the link from a smartphone
  • Download the Telegram application if you have not already done so (Android or IOS)
  • Click on "JOIN" at the bottom of the screen
  • You have joined the channel and you can participate

What is a Telegram group

Although there are many applications, Telegram is one of the most used and useful platforms in the world. In fact, the messaging service, which competes with WhatsApp and Messenger, stands out for its high level of security in terms of protecting the messages exchanged. This selling point makes sense when its creator, the Russian Pavel Durov, explains that he invented this application in order to escape the authorities in his country. Telegram is also known for its many so-called secret groups. Find out more about this application as well as its channels.

Released in 2013, Telegram is a messaging platform originating from Russia that allows sending messages, audio calls, but also media files and documents of all kinds. It is quite simple to use and conversations between contacts are all protected. The same applies to Telegram groups that are created every day on this application.
It is a community that allows to gather between two and two hundred thousand people to participate in unlimited and long lasting broadcasts. All messages sent in the forum are therefore addressed to all participants. To access the forum, all you have to do is to be invited and click on the invitation link you received.

Each member of the group has the ability to send and receive messages from all others. To create one, it couldn't be easier. For an iOS phone, write a new message and go to the icon in the top right corner of your phone. Click on "new group" and you're done. For an Android phone, go to the list of exchanges and press the round icon with the image of a pencil. All you have to do is click on "new group".

Why join a Telegram group

Although Telegram offers the option to create a group just like its competitors, it still stands out in many ways.

Access to a very large community

One of the great advantages of Telegram is the possibility of creating public and private forums, the latter constituting super groups and channels. Supergroups have the capacity to host up to 200,000 people and it is possible to appoint an administrator and even moderators for each of them. For your convenience, a URL is available to allow you to easily add people en masse. This option is indeed very useful to quickly create a discussion channel to cover an event for example.

Share your passions safely

Joining a Telegram group has many other advantages. One of them is that you have the opportunity to share your thoughts and ideas with people who have the same interests as you. Whether it's a private or public group, the information, links and videos shared are accessible to you even after deleting the application or a long absence from the platform.

With these forums, you can also edit messages you have already posted. You can also remove them from the news of all other members.

Give priority to your content

If you are the creator of a group, you have the advantage of designating administrators who can clean up excess messages. They will also be able to make sure that the group rules work properly. In addition, if you want the group members to read an important message, you can pin it so that it can be displayed first when the group is opened.

Being part of a Telegram group also means taking part in informative discussions according to your interests. The best part is that the administrator can prevent or even ban the publication of content he or she deems inappropriate. Meanwhile, administrators will still be able to post messages even if other members are banned from discussion.

Get informed on a daily basis

Finally, joining a Telegram group increases your chances of associating with people who can teach you a lot in many areas. You can find tips in personal development forums to make money or discover new income-generating activities. You can also access useful information in your industry and general interest content.

The different types of Telegram groups

Unlike other social networking applications, Telegram has several types of groups.

The classic groups

These are the supergroups that include private and public forums. They are considered as broadcasting tools intended for a large audience, but do not allow to create interactions. The first ones are selective by default and are only accessible via an invitation. The public groups are free to all.

The canals

A channel, unlike a supergroup, allows for an unlimited number of members. The administrator posts his publications in the name of the channel with which he opened it and not with his own. He also has all the detailed information about the number of views obtained after each publication as well as the copies transferred. There are many channels that deal with all kinds of topics (technology, cryptocurrency, business, movies, anime, music...).


A bot is a system that allows you to get automatic responses based on the content of the message it receives. There are several of them on Telegram and each one has a particular function. They are generally groups in which a robot assistant responds to messages from speakers on behalf of a company.

The stickers

Sticker groups are quite trendy on Telegram. There are often stickers for animals, famous people and according to the trends of the moment.


Since Telegram is a fairly popular app, there are a lot of questions about it. Here are some answers to the most recurrent ones.

💬 What is the difference between WhatsApp and Telegram?

Telegram encrypts your data from end to end. All your messages are protected and your data is safe. Unlike Whatsapp, which is owned by Facebook and collects your data.

💬 Where is Telegram's server based?

Telegram as well as all members of the developer team are based in Dubai. They had to leave Russia due to local regulations. Most of them are from St. Petersburg, a city quite known for its brilliant engineers.

💬 How to start a secret exchange on Telegram?

To exchange with someone on Telegram in a secret way, you just have to go to the profile of the user you want to chat with. Then click on "..." and "Start a secret exchange", but remember that the secret exchange is only recorded on the device with which the conversation was held. Also, as soon as you disconnect, all the exchanges will be lost.

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