If you are looking for a telegram group with fights, shocking content, and even deaths, you can join one of the groups below. Be careful, the content can shock, if you are a minor, it is useless to watch this kind of content! We advise you to join a meme telegram group.

How to join a Telegram group

  • Click on the link above from a smartphone
  • Download the Telegram application if you have not already done so (Android or IOS)
  • Click on "JOIN" at the bottom of the screen
  • You have joined the channel and you can participate

Telegram Group of 100% RUE🏢🔞®

👉 Join the 100% RUE group

More than 500 000 members on this telegram group. You will find shocking videos, street fights, but also funny videos, news about reality TV. The videos are deleted within 48 hours.

Salade Niçoise Telegram Group

👉 Join the Salade Niçoise group

The Salade Niçoise telegram group is known for sharing shocking content. If you are looking for videos of a neighborhood fight, a person at death's door, car chases or robberies, you can join this telegram group.

Telegram group of Only Street Fighting

👉 Join the Only Street Fighting group

The best source of street fighting on Telegram. Only Street Fighting offers the best fight videos on the internet. Daily updates, brutal knockouts, crazy fights and more.

Telegram group of C'EST LES Z'HOMMES 😈🚔

👉 Join the C'EST LES Z'HOMMES group

Telegram channel with shocking videos, but also news and funny videos. A telegram group to have fun and watch videos of fights

Telegram group of Топор 18+

👉 Join the group of Топор 18+

This is a Russian telegram group, with the most extreme videos on the platform. With more than 3 million members worldwide, this telegram group does not hesitate to show dead people, either from the war in Ukraine or even from a suicide. Surely the dirtiest telegram group of this list.

Street Fight Telegram Group 📺🔞

👉 Join the Street Fight group

Gang warfare, street brawl and street fight, you will find all kind of fight videos. Shocking fight videos are available for free and can be downloaded.

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